Thursday, 8 July 2010

Campaign Photo Awards 2010

The Campaign Photo awards took place last night at Jasmine Studios. Launched last year, this awards event aims to recognise the impact of images in advertising and bring printed imagery back to life. Nadav, Kiran Masters and Alex Telfer remind us of the strength of the print medium, which has since been struggling with the changes and movements in media.
Chair of the jury, Mark Denton, raised the 'digital versus belief' debate. Does digital manipulation mask the essence and soul of an image?

Alex Telfer was popular with the judges (as was he last year) and scooped the award for Most Powerful Image...and more! Click here to view winners.

TITLE: Knife Crime
Photographer: Alex Telfer

TITLE: Life Lost
Photographer Nadav Kander

TITLE: Brave
Photographer Kiran Master

TITLE: LOVE TYPE (Andy Dymock)
Photographer: Sean de Sparengo

TITLE: What's Everyone Tweeting about-Night
Photographer: Gary Burchell

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