Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Housework in Heels

To celebrate the launch of the world's largest shoe gallery at Selfridges, creative duo Lernert & Sander have created a set of sculptural installations of household domestic appliance inspired shoe designs. A dishwasher is transformed into a pair of Chanel clogs, two slick black irons into Stella stilettos and a sewing machine into YSL skyscrapers.

"We wanted to turn stock items into startlingly smart footwear. A humorous take on fashion as an ideal escape from the daily grind." See the full display here.

Who would ever complain about household chores if the dress code was strictly designer shoes only!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Smile for London (Events)

If you live in London then you know how dire are the digital billboards on the underground so here is a chance to change that, for two weeks at least. New collaborative “Smile for London” have just announced a contest to get your work on the London Underground’s digital screens. First and hopefully many more to come. To enter your submissions visit “Smile for London” Vimeo group.

Space on a match box

Matchbox labels from around the world but the majority are Eastern European from the 1950s and 60s. See more here.

Carsten Witte

Hot work. See more here.

Monday, 20 September 2010

The Fashion Body

The Fashion Body celebrates and embraces the human body through fashion and moving image. SHOWstudio's Nick Knight invited over 30 inspirational creatives including Lady Gaga and photographer Craig McDean to contribute a short film, focusing on different areas of the body and adorning it with fashion items from the latest collections.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Making Future Magic - iPad

Making Future Magic: iPad light painting from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

Created for Making Future Magic, BERG together with Dentsu London have come up with this quite wonderful movie combining iPad and light painting. The team first created software models in Cinema4D. These were then rendered as cross sections, like a virtual CAT scan, making a series of outlines of slices of each form. These are then played back on the surface of the iPad as movies together with dragged iPad through the air to extrude shapes captured in long exposure photographs. Each 3D form is itself a single frame of a 3D animation, so each long exposure still is only a single image in a composite stop frame animation. See more here.

Joe Murtagh - A Handsome Mustache

Joe's distinctive style is influenced by music, fashion and pop culture. Having been a figurative painter and sculptor, his work is still very much based on the human form and portraiture. Joe's artwork is a combination of traditional and digital, resulting in a vibrant high energy colourfest. See more here.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Wonderbra's 3D Billboard

Britain's first 3d poster for Wonderbra's Full Effect bra, featuring Sabraine Banado, will be unveiled near Waterloo station today. You'll need special specs to appreciate the effect though!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

This year I will try not to

THIS YEAR I WILL TRY NOT TO was born out of frustration, complacency and laziness. Most designers are seduced by design trends. They’re easy to appropriate, and even easier to imitate. The challenge is to innovate. To be new. We decided the best (and most enjoyable) approach was to identify and document the most common trends we felt we had to avoid. Before long we found ourselves with a checklist of DON’Ts and a new aim:
to try to be new. We may fail, but we will try. See more here.

TAT - Future of screen technology

Capacitive screens has now become a commodity for touch screen devices. Screen technology is now taking the next leap and the coming years imagination is the only thing stopping us. We will soon have dual screens, malleable screens, screens built into wifi connected mirrors, desks or backside of gadgets clothed with e-ink screens, tactile feedback, color screens with great contrast in sunlight, holographics/stereoscopic screens, color e-ink touch screens, or screens actually knowing where they are in relation to other screens thanks to ultrasonic emitters and microphones.

TAT want to show some of these things in an "experience video", that shows a normal day in a couple of years when all these technologies are affordable enough to be used everywhere. See more about TAT here.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Jen Stark - High On Constellation

Jen Stark’s work is very distinctive in her bold use of color and materials. Her drawings are a combination of bright colors and abstract forms that results into organic morphs. In contrast her sculptures are more geometric forms made out of piles of paper stock. Her animations she reveals both practices, which she transformed in a lively and playful narration of color and paper. See more here.

Keith Tyson

Keith Tyson (b. August 23, 1969) is a British artist. In 2002, he was the winner of the Turner Prize. His work is concerned with an interest in generative systems, and an embrace of the complexity and interconnectedness of existence. Philosophical problems such as the nature of causality, the roles of probability and design in human experience, and the limits and possibilities of human knowledge, animate much of his work.[citation needed] Tyson works in a wide range of media, including painting, drawing and installation. See more here.


Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace are the artist duo behind "Lagoi & Lace". While studying art and photography at the Academy of media Arts in Cologne where they graduated with honors in summer 2010, they soon decided to combine their various strengths (photography, design, art direction and styling) to cherish and celebrate the power of beauty and fashion. See more here.

Adam S. Doyle - Illustration

More here.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

James Alliban - Fracture

James Alliban is an Augmented Reality specialist, interactive artist and speaker. He currently works at London based digital agency Skive. His role there includes conceptualising and building Augmented Reality applications, games and microsites. He is also the founder and MD of the AR company Augmatic. See more of his work and iphone app here.

FlyBaby [Scripts, WebApp]

Created by Alex Corbi and Johannes Schnettker, FlyBaby is an under 10k HTML5+JavaScript 3d form tool allowing you to create generative objects by specifying multiples, rotations, duplications, sins and cosins + more. Scratch like set-up, you build modifiers as an expanding tree with visualisation window included allowing you to rotate drawings in 3D. See more here.

Benbo George - Letterforms

See more here.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Audi One By Jason Battersby | Cultural Achievement Award

By Jason Battersby, Transportation Design Masters Programme, Umea Institute of Design 2010. The Audi One's design focuses on creating a timeless sculpture that will represent the legendary men and woman who win this award. Inspired by timeless objects, the goal is to design an exterior that will stand the test of time, becoming a futuristic statement. See more here.

Lab Craft at Tent London

26 designers including Tord Boontje, Timorous Beasties and Michael Eden (above) will show work marrying craftsmanship with digital technology at Tent London later this month. More

Monday, 6 September 2010