Friday, 4 November 2011

Ross McEwan

The Illustration and Graphic Design Graduate Ross McEwan recieved acclaim with the "Computer Arts Graduate Showcase" award as one of the top 6 illustrators in 2010, as well as selection for the "AOI Images 35 Annual" . Over his first year since graduating in 2010 Ross has recieved work for  clients such as Popshot magazine,  Diagram Design, Vodka Revolution, Push Music, FD2D Magazine as well as founding and Self Directing the Art for Dark Walls Collective

Radio Soulwax

soulwax 'machine' from Radio Soulwax on Vimeo.

Radio Soulwax. so it's a radio station, but not as you know it. For now, it's a growing collection of 24 one hour-long mixes with visuals that we are sharing with you for free, and hopefully it will become a platform for many more things to come. We call them mixes, but in reality they are more like musical films based on the record sleeves.

Ashkan Honarvar

The saying goes that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. It occurs in places you least expect.
Revealing its art in the human body, but also cruelly absent in the presence of deformations and scars.
Ashkan Honarvar (1980) depicts an undeniable, unavoidable beauty by accepting the darker sides of human ‘nature’.
The body, torn by acts of war, exploited by the sex industry or used as a tool for seeking identity, is
the focal point of his work.This constitutes a search for a universal representation of the evil latent in every human,
providing an opportunity for reflection. His aesthetic dissection has an intriguing macabre nature,
which opens the images to interpretation.
Honarvar’s almost empiric exploration of the human condition knows no bounds. Its goal; the indefinable core.
Titus Verheijen

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Erik Jones

Erik Jones graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design in 07. For Illustration. Now focusing on Contemporary figure painting and cover illustration.


atelier olschinsky founded in 2002 is a small creative studio based in Vienna, Austria. Peter Olschinsky and Verena Weiss are operating in various fields such as graphic design, illustration, photography and art direction. In addition to their jobs for clients they also run several independent projects, always trying to develop and refine their work. "It is just so important to work as much as you can, to learn and to be open to new things. The journey is the award."

Monday, 12 September 2011

Savoir Faire - GOIN'IN"

"GOIN'IN" - OFFICIAL VIDEO from Savoir Faire on Vimeo.
Tron on acid.

Dudes Factory - Create your own

Dudes Factory is a new kind of creative label, exploring alternative ways to connect and collaborate. Every month, they invite different artists to work together to create collections for the Dudes Factory. The designs from these collections are the raw materials for the LAB, our online software for customers to remix and individualize Dudes’ products. The result is a creative universe of fashion, art and design that continually changes and grows.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Tremaine Harris - Atmospheric Collection

Self-taught artist Tremaine Harris from South Florida creates amazing abstract art, working in various mediums to create dynamic planes that incorporate sculptural and architectural qualities in a virtual ,3d modeled/,digital works.

Vincent Peters - Stunning cinematic work

Stunning iconic cinematic work of Vincent Peters

Vida Natura - Making of stencil painting

Stencil art in the making by Eime from Porto, Portugal see more of his work on Behnace Network.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Ise Ananphada - Addiction

Beautifully detailed illustration by Ise Ratta Ananphada (Ratinan Thaicharoen). Known as feminine figure illustration style with delicate detail and pastel color palettes.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Mill Touch 'Behind the Scenes'

Behind the Scenes look at Mill Touch: An interactive multi-touch, smart glass display showcasing the Mill's body of work, created by Mill NY's Digital team

Friday, 19 August 2011

Naja Conrad-Hansen - Beauty in ink

Naja Conrad-Hansen is a designer and artist who lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Her practice embraces illustration, painting, graphic design, art direction, and making silk-screen prints. Inspirations comes  equally from the worlds of fashion, hardcore music, and traditional art and design and in general observing the world around her. The illustration style is basically about "finding some untouched areas of the mind and stimulating the eye and imagination. She is balancing her time between making art and commercial work as she finds they feed each other. See more of her work here.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Ethical Fashion Africa

Vivienne Westwood's African inspired A/W collection is far from the glamour of the catwalk and glossy pages of Vogue. Not only has she drawn inspiration from African culture for her tribal designs and creations, but she employed 7000 Kenyans to handcraft the collection and featured many (and of course herself!) in the campaign. Shot in Nairobi by Juergen teller.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Paper Sculpture

Cute mini art sculptures by Anja Markiewic. They are teeny tiny, ranging from 35mm to 8mm!

This beautiful little animation was created for Skoda by film and motion design studio We Are Flink

Lady Gaga - You and I

Wowza!! Love this video - even if she is making out with herself!

Who Gives A Sh*t?

I dont, as I can't even work the site...

Levis - Legacy - Now Is Our Time

Inspiring words, ' Your life is your life, dont let it be clubbed into dank submission, be on the watch, there are ways out, there is a light somewhere' (Charles Bukowski). And beautiful cinematography, directed by Ralf Schmerberg. But, bad timing? The message is about life and spirit, not politics. People seem to forget 'Go Forth' is a campaign for non-profit organisations which help change the world and lives of others, sponsored by Levis. But, no doubt they would be criticised for being insensitive and seen to be encouraging youth rebellion and gangster behaviour if they continued to run the campaign.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Scanapalooza: QR Codes

The QR code debate continues…
Are they over rated?
Do people know what they are?
How many people have a reader?

Don't know?

Well the clever people over at Lab42 have created an infographic chart to answer these questions.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Kaleidoscopic Andy Gilmore

Andy Gilmore has created a stunning body of geometric, kaleidoscopic colourful images. See more of his work here at

Thursday, 4 August 2011


Very nice typo blog Typography & Lettering, all shapes and sizes, colours and styles.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Not Enough Fish in the Sea

Pretty spectacular larger-than-life balloon sculptures by Jason Hackenwerth. Take a strip down to Selfridges to see these gigantic sea monster installations, created especially for Project Ocean

Portraits by Paul Burch

If you have not yet had the pleasure to admire the striking black and white portraits on display please come and do so. They are by your fellow colleague Paul Burch.

Paul explores how the people that surround us everyday shape who we are and how, even though we may have little or no interaction with them, their presence is integral to our existence:

'Where we live plays a big part in defining who we are. It's not just about the architecture of the place, but the people who live around us...they all help to affirm our shared sense of existence and identity.'

The portraits are of people who live in Paul's village. This beardy bloke's (Bazil) face tells a story or two! I'm sure Paul would be delighted to talk to you if you want to know more.

Some of the images will be on show at Cannes this year. What an achievement!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Font generator / processing - Prototyp-0

Font generator / processing : prototyp-0 from yannick mathey on Vimeo.
Can't wait for this to go live. Still in development Prototype-0 is an font designing/build application which from the video looks powerful yet simple to use.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Museum of Me

Brilliant idea. Shame it's for intel. Thanks to @jasonholland FB posted.

Friday, 27 May 2011

360 video for iPhone

A simple lens that clips on to your iPhone and captures a 360 donut shaped video. The software unwarps the image and allows you to navigate the video, even in real time. Cool.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Stencil Spraypaint Madness

Incredibly detailed stencil work. Worth a look! Cheers to Debbie Simmonds for showing me this today.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Iain Macarthur - Rock Skull

Iain Macarthur aka PFFT from Swindon, UK has done some excellent illustrations, partially like the skulls set. Would look great on a T-shirt. See more of his stuff here.

Etienne Cliquet - Flottille (detail)

Flottille (detail) from Etienne Cliquet on Vimeo.

Mark Wesley show me this guys video installation.  Flotilla is a series of videos of micro-origamis (2 to 3 centimeters long) which are opening slowly onto the surface of the water by capillarity (more info on his website: flottilla).

Monday, 23 May 2011

JAMIE CULLEN Jamie Cullen - Portraits

Brighton based illustrator Jamie Cullen who cites Pop Art and M C Escher's impossible constructions as a couple of his many influences. His work often involves layers of visual discovery with hidden elements emerging from his bright, intricate drawings. See more of his work here.