Thursday, 29 July 2010

Mass/Matter Conversation in the Wonder Windows

Kyle Bean's window installations based of the law of conversation of mass:
"Matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed."

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


See more of his work here.


See more here.

Anders Krisar

Swedish artist/photographer Anders Krisar has produce some very interesting realistic texture sculptures see more here.


Found on Nonstopnerds.

Tiana Vasiljev - Marbling typeface

The Marbling typeface is part of a personal project by Tiana Vasiljev that was inspired by a visit to a museum in Southern Vietnam. Each character was created, shaped and photographed individually to create these abstract fonts. All 26 letters of the alphabet were created in upper-case letters. See more here.

Arnaud Bertrande - Photostream

See more here.


Crystallization is the title of Iris van Herpen her Spring Summer 2011 collection. One of the pieces was a collaboration with the architect Daniel Widrig. This is not the first piece of clothing made with a rapid prototyping technique, but maybe one with the most complex shape. It was printed in 3D by .MGX.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Malibu Summer Dance Party NYC

Check out our funky summer dance for Malibu. The video celebrates Malibu's passion for the lively fun and feel good factor that summer brings! Shot by Bluebeard Productions and choreographed by Tweetie (Jay Z, Shakira and Destiny's Child).

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

To Kill A King', "Cold Skin"
Directed by Jack King

Directed by Bruce Hunt
(This was done entirely in camera - no VFX!) Visit Visual Liquid to learn more.

"Darcel Disappoints" by Craig Redman

Fear/Love Trailer (1 of 3)
Directed by Rob Chiu

Offf Sponsors Titles
Directed by Julien Vallee

Strata#3 - Bordeaux by Quayola

Skream, "Listenin' To The Records On My Wall"
Directed by David Wilson (see the making of this fabulously dramatic story of Adam and Eve here)

"Anger Issues" by James Murray
James wrote, designed, sculpted and animated this whole piece. His strength and passion is designing characters and bringing them to life. Super talented for a student!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Chess Boards

I really like these. Don't know when they're from but great to play if you have a checked table cloth.

Old Spice Personal Videos

Old Spice has now started delivering custom videos in response to tweets and You Tube and Facebook comments as part of a (genius!) social campaign. Have a look at these personalised videos for a Monday morning laugh. You can find the rest on You Tube

Thursday, 15 July 2010

8 Texts Book

Jihad Lahham is a student at Ringling college of Art and Design. Who’s produce a really nice typographic booklet. See more of the project here.

Periodic Table of Swearing

Know your Periodic Table of Swearing. See more here.

Highlighters - Che

Leo Burnett Mumbai. See more here.

Mark Allin - Screen print art

Mark Allin inspiration comes from iconic imagery, counter culture movies and 3D technology culminating in a clever and unique visual style. He has recently updated his website with a series of silk screen & digital prints. See more here.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Typography in Water

You Work For Them, have choose five of their most popular fonts and decided to see how they worked when added to water. The final result are quite interesting. See more here.

Big Bang Big Boom

In this stop-motion animation street artist, Blu gives his (unscientific!) take on the beginning and evolution of life.

Timo Wallets | Erotic 3D Design

Designer Timo Weiland and model-turned-photographer-turned author Henry Hargreves have joined forced to introduce in 3D, the grip, in the field, yoga girl and mosaic exotic images on timo! super slim wallets. Check out the entire collection and designs here!

Grand People

Ideas, visual communication, illustration, photography and creative direction from the western edge of Scandinavia to the world. Since 2005 Grandpeople have worked with a wide range of clients, from big multinationals to start-ups making up for in aspiration what they lack in money. No matter the client, all have shared a desire for singular design and a unique expression for their vision. See more here.

Mark Brooks - Half Tone Posters

Spanish graphic designer Mark Brooks has creating some really nice poster. See more here.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Natalia Calvocoressi

Natalia Calvocoressi is a photographer and graphic designer. Calvocoressi's (photographic) intent is to bring fantasy and reality together to create an intriguing and mysterious narrative.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Friday, 9 July 2010

You Tube Life In a Day

24th July will be a memorable day for one lucky, or rather talented, individual. Life In A Day is an experimental film which invites people across the globe to submit a video (via You Tube) of their life in one day. The most exciting, unique and compelling film will become part of a documentary, directed by Kevin Macdonald and executive-produced by Ridley Scott. This social filmmaking experiment aims to "open people's eyes to the possibilities of user-generated film", says Macdonald.


Glastotag is a digital campaign launched by Orange in conjunction with it's sponsorship of Glastonbury, which invites festival goers to log onto the Orange website and tag themselves on a photo taken during the England-Slovenia World Cup game. The idea is to win the record of most tagged online photo.
A good example of how a brand can engage their audience by bringing people together through a shared experience.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Campaign Photo Awards 2010

The Campaign Photo awards took place last night at Jasmine Studios. Launched last year, this awards event aims to recognise the impact of images in advertising and bring printed imagery back to life. Nadav, Kiran Masters and Alex Telfer remind us of the strength of the print medium, which has since been struggling with the changes and movements in media.
Chair of the jury, Mark Denton, raised the 'digital versus belief' debate. Does digital manipulation mask the essence and soul of an image?

Alex Telfer was popular with the judges (as was he last year) and scooped the award for Most Powerful Image...and more! Click here to view winners.

TITLE: Knife Crime
Photographer: Alex Telfer

TITLE: Life Lost
Photographer Nadav Kander

TITLE: Brave
Photographer Kiran Master

TITLE: LOVE TYPE (Andy Dymock)
Photographer: Sean de Sparengo

TITLE: What's Everyone Tweeting about-Night
Photographer: Gary Burchell


HelloVon is the studio of London based illustrator and artist Von. See more here.

Alejandro Cartagena - SueƱos

This series of portraits seek to explore the idea of the body as expressive symbol. By this it is intended that the contortions the viewer closer to what may occur in sleep. See more here.

Ali Jabbar - Public Figures

Simple Public Figures is a set of minimalist vectors about the famous characters like Marilyn Monroe, Mahatma Gandhi, Diego Maradona to Barak Obama. See more here.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Vader Project

Lot 43: JOE HAHN, (B. 1977), The Revenge of Mr. Hahn

The Vader Project is a project where a hundered artists and designers were given a replica of the Darth Vader to customise. The collection which has travelled around Europe and Japan and ended at the Andy Warhol Museum is now up for auction. Click here to view all.

Nathan Manire

Nathan Manire has recently updated his website. He's produces series of portraits done in some really nice styles. See more here.

Inspiration pad for the return to school

A personal project by Marcel Veelo. See more here.

Waiting for Superman

Motion Designer Jorge R. Canedo Estrada teamed up with the directors over at Buck to produce this infographic animation “Waiting For ‘Superman for a documentary on serious issues in America today.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Greg Colson - Stick Maps

Greg Colson wall sculptures constructed of salvaged materials. See more here.

Benjamin Anderson - Just add water

Benjamin Anderson has created some amazing water effect oil paintings. See more of his work here.

Jolby Mini Originals

The Jolby team have some really nice illustration workon their site which you can see here.

Lo-Fi Experiment - Tell No One

London based filmmakers Luke White and Remi Weekes have decided to open up the creative process with the blog ‘Tell No One’. Intended to be a peek into our experimental process, they hope to post on-going ideas, inspirations and processes. See more here.

Rob Schellenberg - Longitudes Wine labels

Wine labels based on the longitudes of Italy and it's famous wine regions. Depending on the degrees north, the wine region was associated with a numerical logo and topographic map. See more here.


TV commercial based on the original T-shirt War concept. Watch the video here.