Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Orr is a sequence of moments documented by photographer Timo Klos. The exposure of each image is held as long as that captured moment in time. Klos uses this technique to signify that you can't hold onto moments forever.
Mint cigarettes, 5mins
Healthy good morning, 20mins
Goodbye at the airport, 12mins

Monday, 9 November 2009

Fashion Revolution

Nick Knight's SHOWStudio brings us Fashion Revolution. The exhibition is centred around 'process', 'performance' and 'participation' and demonstrates how new mediums and evolving technology are reinventing the fashion image. Photography, film, music, performance, art and digital media all now play a significant role in our fashion experience.

This spectacular show invites spectators to become participants offering the opportunity to take part in live shoots, casting sessions and interviews forming a collaboration of creativity. A collective of highly influential and inspirational fashion figures including Alexander McQueen, Simon Foxton and Kate Moss have contributed to the show.


Some work from the contributers of the current 125 'Heroes' issue.
Danny Sangra

Jiggery Pokery

David Titlow

Yossi Michaeli

Holger Pooten

Si Scott

Perry Curties

Halfer Wohlers Olsen

Greg White