Friday, 25 February 2011

Creative Floor Nightout 001 - Glug - Things to make and do

Last night we went to Glug at Cargo.

The presenters came from a wide range of specialisms from traditional craft to digital media.

Among them I find the talk by Mudlark the most interesting. Which is about a new approach into developing social games. The principal surrounds how narrative are being generated and captured using existing platforms (yet taken for granted) like Oyster card.

A good example is a game they developed called Chromaroma, which captures stories from daily commuting experiences:

They also shared point of views about Gamification. In case you missed the talk shared few weeks ago, games like Chromaroma had applied concepts like Gamification to enhance user engagement.

Other highlights include a Creative Review talk about their film making projects as well as a free letter press poster made by Mr Smith.


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