Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Publicis Mojo has created 3 shortfilms as part of an integrated ad campaign for Coca Cola's new energy drink Burn. 'Ride', 'Playground' and 'Peepshow' tell the stories of people in the skating, music and snowboarding communities. 'Ride' (above), directed by Gareth Davis, follows a group of skaters through Mexico City. The fierce nature of the sport is intensified by smoke and fire trails the skaters leave behind them. Ride has a cinematic feel and is visually the best out of the 3. 'Peepshow' and Playground' are more documentary-style.
See Peepshow (directed by Jonathan Hill) and Playground (directed by Glendyn Ivin) at Mojothings. Stills by Ben Stockely.

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