Friday, 31 October 2008

Best In Book

Here is some work of the candidates for Best in Book.

Armando Ferrarii

These photographs are from a series of everyday, urban spaces in Los Angeles. The mood, emptiness and stillness of these shots create an almost theatrical atmosphere with a sense of anticipation.

Ernst Fischer - Datong Train

These images are a visual representation of Gustave Flaubert's book 'November'. Fischer draws on the emotions of desire and longing that is evident in Flaubert's work. The images are composed and shot in a way that evokes a presence and connection between the subject and observer.

Steve Hanson - The Eleventh Hour

Hanson takes a trip down memory lane back to his first visit to Bradford Lido in 1968. Drawing on the peace and tranquility Hanson experienced provoked him to photograph few of the lidos that still remain. The images capture a calm and mystical moment, which is heightened by the way both the light accentuates the architecture and the dramatic tones of the skies and waters.

Richard Ansett

Richard Ansett was commisioned by a Discovery Networks Europe publication to photograph young people who were in foster care or had been adopted. This kind of portraiture is unpredictable as you don't know how the subject is going to present themselves or respond in such a situation. The intrusion of the camera adds to the intimacy as it can reveal what is beneath the exterior and what is not necessarily evident at a glance.

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